One of the foundations of what separates Multiverser from any other generic setting is the interrelation of the planes of existence. In order to understand how the planes interact, however, we must first define them. As it stands, their physical forms are poorly defined in rules-as-written D&D. Some are presented as being “infinite” in size, but there is no mention as to whether this “infinity” exists as an endless expanse of terrestrial (or quasi-terrestrial, as the plane’s composition dictates) environment or as it extends out into space, effectively being “infinite” as our own real-life universe is. Others are described slightly more definitely as being self-contained – though, in many cases, the extent of the plane before it reaches this containment is left unclear (as in, “Do we hit space before we have to turn around, or don’t we?”). Many are specifically divided into sub-planes, typically layered in vertical strata. On some of these planes, the rules mention that travelers may pass between the layers by physically passing between the boundaries between them, which are also left nebulous.

Facing these inconsistencies and deficits in clarity, Multiverser seeks to create a reasonable and consistent guide to planar construction, reinterpreting their common presentation and devising reasonable explanations for irreconcilable exceptions where necessary. While a description of the intent of this effort may read like an apologist’s/revisionist’s manifesto, trust that, though we seek to maintain the integrity of the lore set out by D&D “canon”, this project shall proceed unafraid of the radical transformation of standard setting elements where their bodies of explanation prove too spurious to be tolerated.

With all this in mind, bear in consideration that this is most certainly a work in progress, with many concepts yet untouched. Articles that do exist, particularly at this early stage, should be taken as draft copies at best, likely to see extensive revision and rethinking as other aspects of the setting fall into place.

The Material Plane(s)

What is typically considered the “Material Plane” in most settings are offhandedly coupled with the possibilities of “Alternate Material Planes”, allowing for the opportunity for DMs to expand upon their creative whims within the bounds of the rules.


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